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What I'm Reading Now

Michael lives in my neighborhood. I do not know him but I see him around all the time. This book (his first) was named one of the top 10 best books of 2007 by the NY Times Book Review. He also just won the Impac Dublin Literary Award.

What I Just Read

My rating:

(I need to cry for 5 stars.)

Janelle interviewed me eons ago for Salon.com. She's a sassy lady who's super nice. This is her first novel. It received rave reviews and I loved every minute of it.

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Nov 30, 2006

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

I never thought I'd say this, but I hope NYC gets this:

Storms turn fury to Midwest, southern Plains

It's 67 degrees outside right now and it's December. My allergies have been out of control and I can't take it anymore. I want cold, I want frost, I want snow...

Nov 28, 2006

Boycotting babyGap

I'm boycotting babyGap. I entered Nora in the 2007 babyGap casting call and they didn't pick her as one of the finalists. I'm not a stage-aunt or anything, who's trying to force Nora into modeling, but one of the prizes was a $5,000 college scholarship, so I thought what the heck?

Anyway, back to them not choosing her. I know it's wrong to judge other people's children, but Nora is waaay than some of the tykes they chose. I mean sure, there are some cute kids in the mix, but not all of them are that cute. (Does that even make any sense?) Here are the kids they chose:

And here's the picture I entered:

Yes, she's bald, but I'd totally buy the swimsuit if I saw this picture in a catalog, wouldn't you? Also, I worked for the Gap for a while when I was in college and was even employee of the month once. Not a way to treat your past employees, Gap, Inc.

You can call me a sore loser if you want, because... well, I am - but regardless, babyGap items will not be under my Christmas tree this year.

Nov 22, 2006

The Pursuit of Happyness

The people who optioned the rights to Save Karyn, Escape Artists, are the same producers behind the new Will Smith movie, The Pursuit of Happyness. Will Smith was on Oprah today and OMG! - the movie looks amazing!

For everyone who keeps asking about Save Karyn, it's still in development. I don't know what I'm allowed to say about it, so I'm just going to be vague. I'll keep you posted as to any progress!

Click here to learn more about The Pursuit of Happyness.

Scary Baby Dolls

My niece Nora is really into baby dolls right now, so I've been checking them out online. In doing so, I've run across the UGLIEST. BABY DOLL. EVER.

Brace yourself... Here she is...

Her name is Stacy, and she's what they call a "Little Biker Beauty." I swear, she's real, not a joke. You can see for yourself here. Isn't she terrible? I just wanna spank her. OMG, that was mean. Anyway, she costs $150. Can you believe it?


Golden Retriever Songs... and more!

Oh wow... this is kind of fabulous.

Heather writes and sings acoustic folk songs about dogs. She has four albums:

Boxer Songs - the ultimate gift for the Boxer dog lover who has it all
Canine Water Songs - celebrates dogs that love to swim
Golden Retriever Songs - that special something for the Golden Retriever lover
Scottish Terrier Songs - a must for anyone who loves Scottie dog
Here are some of my favorites. Have a listen...

The Pizza
This song is about eating pizza in front of a Golden Retriever.
I LOVE how she belts out "CHEEEEEEESE!" at the beginning, and then how she describes how grease drips down her wrist.

No Prozac
Heather's own description: "A trio of frustrated Boxer owners learn to come to terms with their dogs' lack of perfect obedience."
This one's got a lotta soul, I tell 'ya.

No Herbicide
Heather's description says it all: "Inspired by Perdue's recent research study, this is a jazzy reminder to Scottie owners to avoid using lawn-care chemicals."

Barney Says
This one is written from the P.O.V. of President Bush's dog, Barney.
Heather's description: "President George W. Bush's little dog is a Scottish Terrier named Barney. Some folks like the President, and some don't... but what would Barney say?"

Golden Oldies
I'll be honest... this song did bring tears to my eyes. It's about a Golden Retriever who's slowing down with age.


(Yes I'm making fun, but in all honesty I found the page while searching for Yorkie pictures, so I may be just as big a dork.)

Nov 16, 2006

Flu Shots

What are your thoughts on flu shots? I've never had one and I'm thinking about getting one tomorrow. I've always been anti-flu shot, although I don't have a really good reason why. I guess I've always thought it was better to let my body work through illnesses naturally.

My sister is having another baby in January, so I'll probably stay in Connecticut with her for a month or so to help with my niece Nora, and to help her get adjusted to life with two kids. (It's her husband's busy season at work, so she'll be flying solo during the day.) She wants me to get one, but I don't know... Do they even work? Thoughts?

PS - If I do get one, this will be a big deal for me. I hate needles. HATE. I've been known to freak out and cry up receiving them simply because I'm so terrified.

Nov 15, 2006

"Titmen" are Pigs

So I just spellchecked something I'm working on, and spellcheck flagged the word "bullshit" and wanted to replace it with the word "bushtit."

Okay, um... is this a word?

I just looked it up and apparently it is. I found two definitions...

n. Either of two small, long-tailed birds (Psaltriparus minimus or P. melanotis) of western North America, having predominantly gray plumage.

active gray titmice of western North America

Okay, um... titmice?

n. pl.
Any of numerous small insect-eating passerine birds of the family Paridae, found in woodland areas throughout the world and including especially members of the genus Parus, such as the chickadee. See Regional Note at tit1.

Okay wait, so you can just call a titmouse a tit?

  1. A titmouse.
  2. Any of various small, similar or related birds.
Yes, you can.

Tit is an old Germanic word for “small” and is used in various northern European languages to refer to small objects, animals, or people, especially girls. The word is most common in American English in combinations that denote various small birds, such as the titmouse or tomtit. A titman in the 19th century could mean a small or stunted person, as Henry David Thoreau indicates when he calls his generation “a race of tit-men.” Tit and titman are still used in New England, mostly by farmers to refer to the runt of a litter of pigs.

I always thought a "titman" was guy who liked boobs, much in the same way some men are "assmen." Who knew it's a small/stunted person? Or better yet, a pig who's a runt.

So see, the next time some pervert tells you he likes your tits, it's completely acceptable to call him a pig, because that's what titmen are.

I know, I know... am I a thirty year old woman or a teenage boy? I'm a woman, but I can't help but to find humor in all this.

Video Post - Story Time

I'm finishing up a project right now, and when it's done, I'll post a new video post!

Nov 14, 2006

Kicking Shins

I was just IMing with Manic Mom and we were discussing ways to increase traffic to our blogs. I suggested we mud wrestle and she said...

ManicMom (5:01:33 AM): ha. you would kick my butt even tho I'm bigger than you.

Karyn (5:02:05 AM): i kicked a girl in the shins in high school once
Karyn (5:02:09 AM): im not proud of it

ManicMom (5:04:00 AM): i hit a guy over the head with my skateboard when he called me an ape.

Karyn (5:04:23 AM): that's awesome

ManicMom (5:08:15 AM): It was a lime green skateboard, and I ran like hell after I hit him over the head, screaming and crying the whole way, fearful that he would catch me and beat the sh*t out of me.
So, now I open this up to you... what are some things you've done that you aren't proud of? Physical things, like slapping someone, pulling their hair, etc. Dish.

PS - I talk about my shin-kicking incident to this day. When I get into an argument with someone, I jokingly say, "You better watch out or I'm gonna start kickin' some shins!"

PPS - I just remembered another one... I once bit my sister on the shoulder because she wouldn't get out of my room. I got in HUGE trouble. HUGE. "Animals bite, not people!!!" my mom screamed.

Nov 9, 2006

Story Time

I'm pretty sure I'll never have another date again because of this, but regardless, I hope you enjoy...

Nov 7, 2006

Click me, Click me!

I'm in the last row at 25Peeps!

Please click HERE, then click the picture to the left and you'll come right back.

25Peeps is a website that displays the pics of 25 "peeps" that link to blogs. The peeps are sorted by popularity, which is based on how many times people click their picture. When a new peep enters the roster, the least popular peep gets pushed off the site. The idea is to stay on the front page as long as possible because it increases traffic to your blog.


Nov 4, 2006

Win a Pair of Earrings

I love when people send me nice emails, telling me about things like this:

Hi there,

I've been a fan of yours since your Save Karyn days. I know you try to be thrifty so I thought you and your readers might like the chance to win a pair of blue topaz and diamond earrings from my company, Gigi Caron. The earrings are worth $380. The contest is being run by Jane Magazine and can be entered via this link:


No purchase necessary! Totally free!

Wendy Brandes
Owner & Designer

You have until November 30th at 5pm to enter, but I'd do so now so you won't forget! If you can't wait to see if you won and simply must have these earrings, you can buy them them from majolie.com.

Also, I went to gigicaron.com and discovered this ring. Isn't it cool?

I want one.

Nov 3, 2006

The Jay Thomas Show

I'm going to be a guest on "The Jay Thomas Show" on Sirius Satellite Radio (Stars Channel 102) this coming Tuesday at 2:30pm EST. I'm totally excited, so if you have Sirius, tune in!

About Jay Thomas...
Two-time Emmy award winner Jay Thomas has been a staple in show business for over 25 years. He got his start on the sitcom Mork & Mindy before moving to more prominent roles in Cheers (as Eddie LeBec) and Murphy Brown (as Jerry Gold). More recently, Jay starred opposite Richard Dreyfus in the critically acclaimed Mr. Holland’s Opus. Jay brings his self-proclaimed “natural sarcasm” with him every day on the air on SIRIUS.

About Stars Channel 102...
The SIRIUS Stars Channel is SIRIUS' flagship talk station featuring unique and diverse programs, including a lighthearted look at the day with Jay Thomas, podcaster Adam Curry's PodShow, workout guru Richard Simmons, American Voices with Bill Bradley, rock critic Dave Marsh, no-holds-barred politics with Mojo Nixon and unique perspectives from publisher Judith Regan, author Candace Bushnell, and NFL All-Pro Tiki Barber... all on one great radio station, and all available only on SIRIUS.

I don't know about you, but I freakin' loved Murphy Brown and I can't wait.

OMG... It's happened!

My friend Mark just called me and couldn't contain his excitement.

It's happened! It's happened!" he exclaimed.

"What's happened?" I asked.

"Have you been to Starbucks today?"


"They've switched over to holiday cups!"

Ahh... gotta love the gays.

Nov 2, 2006

What's YOUR number?

I did an interview this morning with Johny D & The Morning Crew from Tower 98-3 in Toledo, Ohio. We talked a little bit about savekaryn.com, and then about the new book and "numbers," and whether or not "20" is high for a woman. I thought about this before I wrote the book. You see, in New York, where people stay single longer, I think it's pretty common for a woman to sleep with twenty men. But in the rest of the country, I'm not so sure.

So, I have two questions for you...

1) Would you consider a woman who's number is "20" a slut? Like men, if you were dating someone and she told you she slept with nineteen other guys before you, would you be like, "Man, girl gets around..." Or would you not think twice about it?

2) What's your number? I've never really asked.

<---- Polls are to the left. For the first question, I'm not giving you a "maybe" answer choice, because that's just an easy way out. And don't tell me what you want to think, tell me what you really thing. Like maybe you don't want to think "20" is high, but you can't help the fact that you do. Or maybe you don't give a crap about it and feel guilty, because you should care, right? What really goes through your mind?

As for the "What's your number?" poll, I made two: a pink one for women to take, and a blue one for men.

To leave on a funny note, I used to talk about spending too much money during interviews, now I just talk about sex. With that, I've discovered a new motto, one aimed toward men who might be considering asking me out...

"Gentlemen... I might spend all your money, but at least I put out." ;)

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